[Dashboard]: Skipping the introduction of the Dashboard during the first installation

[Dashboard]: Skipping the introduction of the Dashboard during the first installation


When you install the first time the Dashboard on a PC (3dRudder for PC), the Dashboard display several dialog screens to:
- Explain how to use the 3dRudder.
- Update the Dashboard.
- Update the Firmware of the 3dRudder.

This is the normal mode to install the Dashboard.

In the case you have a PC with no access to the web, or you're not authorized to access the internet, you do need to the follow this procedure.
Otherwise, you will be stuck during the update process

Alternative process to install the Dashboard

This is not the standard procedure, which is why we will help you perform the following steps manually.
Please, carefully follow the steps below.

1- Quit the Dashboard

2- Open with a text editor such as notepad the file setting.ini located in
C:\Users\[user_name]\AppData\Roaming\3dRudder Dashboard

3- Replace the value in the line 

4- Save and close the setting.ini file

5- Launch the 3dRudder Dashboard. You should directly see the main window with the various tabs.

Please, if you never used a 3dRudder before, begin with the tutorial which is accessible on the Home page of the Dashboard.

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