My 3dRudder for PSVR does not work: 4 things to check

My 3dRudder for PSVR does not work: 4 things to check

If you're having issues with your 3dRudder for PlayStation VR, check the following things:

Is your 3dRudder the PlayStation VR edition?

It may sound obvious, but you might want to check that the 3dRudder you're trying to use is the one for PlayStation VR!

How can I distinguish one from the other?
The 3dRudder for PlayStation VR has a "PlayStation" central logo and blue pads, and it is compatible with the PlayStation.
The 3dRudder for PC & VR has a "3dRudder" central logo and red pads, and is compatible with a PC to play standard games or VR games, but is not compatible with the PlayStation.

Are you playing a game that supports the 3dRudder for PSVR?

The 3dRudder for PSVR is compatible with more than 25 PlayStationVR games and counting. 
Make sure the game you're trying to play offers native support for the 3dRudder.

Was the initialization of your 3dRudder complete?

When you plug the USB cable of your 3dRudder to the PlayStation, it will emit a series of beepsthat's the calibration phase.
If you put your feet on the 3dRudder before the initialization is complete the device will not work. 
In that case, unplug your 3dRudder and plug it again. Wait for the beeps: 3 consecutive beeps followed by one short beep.

Has your 3dRudder been calibrated?

When you put your feet on the 3dRudder, you need to stay still for about 1 second until the 3dRudder calibrates. This calibration phase lets the 3dRudder detect your feet and register your position. The 3dRudder lets you know it has calibrated by emitting a short beep.
The calibration beep is quiet and thus easy to accidentally ignore. If you try to move in the game unsuccessfully, it's most likely because you skipped this calibration phase. 
In this case, take your feet off the 3dRudder and put them back on again.

Still having issues? Contact us

If after checking these 4 points you're still having trouble with your 3dRudder for PlayStation VR submit a ticket. We'll make sure to find a solution as quickly as possible to make sure you fully enjoy your 3dRudder.
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