How to use the 3dRudder in Fortnite using Shadow PC?

How to use the 3dRudder in Fortnite using Shadow PC?


If you are like us, you probably use a solution for cloud Gaming.
On our side we have been using Shadow for a few years now.
In this article, we show how you can use your 3dRudder for PC with Shadow.
We take Fortnite as an example. Of Course, you can also use our 3dRudder Dashboard to emulate Keyboard/Mouse/Joystick with your 3dRudder.

Setting Shadow

1- In your Shadow launcher app, go to the settings menu :

2- Make sure you have the USB drivers installed, if not, click on Install drivers and then check the USB Forward :

3- You can now start Shadow on the Main menu :

4- In Shadow, open the Quick Menu by clicking the button or by pressing Windows+ALT+O :

5- Then go to the USB Peripherals tab :

If your 3dRudder is not connected, connect it now and you should see this appearing in the list, 

check the box next to it :

The 3dRudder should be now detected by your Shadow PC.

Setting Fortnite

1- You can now launch Fortnite :

2- In the game, go into the Settings menu :

3- Then select the Accessibility tab :

4- And finally, enable foot controller. You can also tweak the dead zone and the sensitivity of your 3dRudder :

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