How to Use the 3dRudder Foot Mouse with a Mac?

How to Use the 3dRudder Foot Mouse with a Mac?

This page is dedicated to Mac users.
We're currently offering a beta version of the 3dRudder Dashboard that lets you use the Foot Mouse with your Mac.
A standard version will be available mid-2021.

1. Install the 3dRudder Dashboard Light for OSX.

Download the install file here.

In your download folder, you should find a '[BETA]DashboardLight_test_mouse.dmg' file. Double click to mount this image disk.
Move the 'DashboardLight' icon to the Applications folder.

When you open the app for the first time, you should get the following message:

Click 'Cancel'.
Open System Preferences and select the Security & Privacy icon to display this screen: 

You can see the message that the 'Dashboard Light' app was blocked. 
Click 'Open Anyway'.

You then get:

Click 'Open'.
Next time you'll want to open the Dashboard light, it will open directly.

2. Launching the 3dRudder Dashboard Light for OSX

Your 3dRudder should not be connected at this time.

The following Window will open

If this is your first time installing the 3dRudder, connect your 3dRudder and then please click 'Update Firmware'.

Once the update is complete, the 3dRudder Dashboard Light should look like that:

3. Switching the 3dRudder to Foot Mouse mode

Click on 'Display 3dRudder data' on the lower right corner of the Dashboard.
You should see something similar to this:

Then click on 'Mouse (beta)'.
The 3dRudder will go through its standard sequence of beeps finishing with a long beep.
Your 3dRudder is ready to be used as a foot mouse.
It will remain in foot mouse mode for as long as it is connected to your Mac.

Now, as it is a beta version, there is a trick (we apologize for this).
You first need to quit the application for the 3dRudder Foot Mouse to be active.

4. Using Your 3dRudder Foot Mouse

Please go back to the detailed explanations on how to use the 3dRudder Foot Mouse to learn how to use your device.

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