How to play Half Life Alyx with 3dRudder on PC?

How to play Half Life Alyx with 3dRudder on PC?


In this article, we present you how you can use your 3dRudder for PC with Half Life: Alyx

The 3dRudder is not natively supported by Half Life: Alyx. But you can nevertheless use the 3dRudder in this game.

For that, you have several ways.
  1. Use the Unleash mode of the Dashboard (HTC Vive & Oculus Rift)
  2. Use the 3dRudder Driver for SteamVR

Unleash Mode

This tutorial supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
The unleash mode is not operational with HTC Vive PRO and Valve Index.
You can use the Unleash Mode with the controller option or VR Locomotion option.

Setting Half-life: Alyx.

Before starting your game with your 3dRudder, we advise you these settings for Half-Life: Alyx.

In the settings menu set the following values:

  1. Select Options Menu

  1. Select Preferences option

  1. Set the following options:
  1. Movement :  Continuous
  2. Continuous Turn
  3. Continuous Turn Speed : 12

Play the game

  1. Please, check that your dashboard is up to date
  2. On the game page of the Dashboard, please select the config file and launch the game.


No Rotation
If, when using VR Locomotion, your character rotation no longer works, please click the "reset position position" on the Unleash VR Page.

3dRudder Driver for SteamVR

This driver is published on the Steam store. Please install this driver and select the official 3dRudder binding under SteamVR

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