How to install the 3dRudder Dashboard

How to install the 3dRudder Dashboard

The Dashboard is a free software that you can install on your computer to access the control panel of your 3dRudder controller.
Designed as a user-friendly tool, it includes preconfigured modes (joystick mode, keyboard mode, etc.), and allows the customization of settings (choice of axes, sensitivity, etc.). Developed by the 3dRudder team, the Dashboard is regularly updated to include new functionalities.
Install it now to enjoy all the functionalities of your 3dRudder controller.

1. Download the Dashboard

Once the Dashboard is downloaded, a new window will open automatically (Step 2)
If the program does not launch automatically, check the navigation bar at the bottom left corner of your screen for the .exe document, and click on Open as shown below.
Launch setup

2. Accept the License Agreement

The license agreement explains the terms of use of the Dashboard, a software developed exclusively by our company to operate the 3dRudder on a PC running with Windows. To continue installation, you’ll have to click on I accept the agreement and then click on Next.
Accept the terms of use

3. Confirm the destination folder and create a shortcut

By default, the Dashboard will be saved in C:\ProgramFiles. A new folder, named ‘3dRudder’ and a subfolder named ‘3dRudderDashboard’
will be created. If you want to change the destination folder, you can select a different one.
Click on Next to continue.
Choose the destination folder

By default, a shortcut will be created in the Start Menu folder.
You can change the destination folder or decide to not create a shortcut.
Click on Next to continue.
Choose the folder for shortcut

4. Confirm your settings and Install

The next window summarizes the settings you can chose. You can go back to change the settings.
Click on Install to continue.
Validate installation
To finish the installation of the Dashboard, you’ll need to confirm the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. This software is freely provided by Microsoft and is required to operate the Dashboard. Tick the I agree box, and click on Install to continue.
Accept Microsoft terms
To complete installation, simply click on Finish.
Finish installation

5. Get ready to plug in your 3dRudder

The Dashboard is now installed on your computer. A new window invites you to plug in your 3dRudder.
Connect the USB cable of your 3dRudder to your computer.
Your computer identifies the 3dRudder as a new controller. Once it’s ready, the 3dRudder will make a beep. After the beep, click on Next.

The Dashboard will launch and automatically update your 3dRudder.
Dashboard updating
To familiarize yourself with the 4 movements that will help you pilot your 3dRudder like a pro, go the Get started article.



Tutorial: 3dRudder's Dashboard installation

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