How To Activate the 3dRudder One-Foot Mode?

How To Activate the 3dRudder One-Foot Mode?


The One-Foot mode allows you to use your 3dRudder with only one foot, exactly like you would do with both.

However, you’ll be only able to use the flat locomotion axes as the vertical axis requires the use of both feet. We may find a way in a later release, but it won’t work for the time being.

The activation is a really simple process. Let’s see how it’s done.

Reminder: this option is available from version of the Dashboard, and from version of the 3dRudder firmware.
By default this option is not activated, it can be activated from our Dashboard. This option is not available for XAC.

Dashboard not already installed

  • In order to install the 3dRudder dashboard, please follow this tutorial:

  • Then, when launching the Dashboard for the first time you will be greeted with this window, while the calibration step.

  • Please, can you activate the One-Foot mode by ticking the option at the bottom right corner:

  • You can now complete the tutorial with this option activated and once you are done, the Dashboard will open with the One-Foot mode already activated

  1. Enjoy your 3dRudder with one foot!

Dashboard already installed

In your 3dRudder dashboard :

  • Go to the Settings page :

  1. Tick the “Enable One Foot to initialize” checkbox
  1. Enjoy your 3dRudder with one foot!

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