Get started in 4 easy steps

Get started in 4 easy steps

1. Download the dashboard

Whether you use the 3dRudder on a PC or on the Xbox with the Adaptive Controller, you will need to download the dashboard and update your 3dRudder.

2. Plug in the 3dRudder

Place the 3dRudder on the ground and plug its USB cable to your computer.

The 3dRudder will beep several times as shown below, meaning it has been identified by your computer.
The Dashboard will then automatically check for updates.

3. Sit down and step up

Sit down comfortably in front of your computer. Put your feet on the 3dRudder and stay still for half a second until you hear a short beep.

The beep lets you know the 3dRudder has detected your position and is ready.

When sitting in front of your computer, we recommend you adopt the position shown below: put your feet on the 3dRudder making sure
the platform is quite flat and horizontal. By doing so, you’ll make the best use of your 3dRudder and will fully enjoy your navigation.

Appropriate feet position on 3dRudder

4. Start piloting

You are now ready to start navigation. Launch the tutorial on the left part of the Dashboard home page and learn the 4 basic movements in a few seconds.
  • Pitch: push with your toes to tilt the 3dRudder forward (you’ll move forward), push with your heels to tils the device backward (you’ll move backward)
  • Roll: push with your left feet to tilt the 3dRudder on the left (you’ll move sideways on the left), or push with your right foot (you’ll move sideways on your right)
  • Yaw: rotate the 3dRudder on its axis either on your left or your right (you’ll turn around on your left or your right)
  • Up Down: exert an opposite pressure with your right toes and left heel to go up, or with your left toes and right heel to go down.

To fully enjoy the up and down movement, which is quite a unique feature of the device, you’ll want to make sure the 3dRudder remains on its axis (don’t tilt the device).

Pitch: forward/backward
Roll: strafe
Yaw: stearing
Up down


Tutorial: 3dRudder’s Dashboard installation

Tutorial: 3dRudder + Xbox Adaptive Controller

Explanation: all you can do with the 4 axes

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