[Dashboard]: Unleash Oculus / Pimax Page

[Dashboard]: Unleash Oculus / Pimax Page

Unleash Oculus / Pimax Page


After the Oculus platform has been installed and the Oculus Rift has been calibrated you must activate the VR Unleashed for every launched game.
When you exit a game when VR Unleashed is activated, it will be disabled automatically and the 3dRudder will return to joystick mode.

Right now the PiMax is only compatible with the Unleash Oculus (not with SteamVR) and it uses the same process as the Oculus

VR Locomotion



  1. Enable the 3dRudder to move the HMD (Head mounted Display),
  2. set the move speed ratio for each axis,
  3. Activate smooth mode if desired
The smoothing is a low-pass filter, taking as input N successive values of each axis, and giving as output the average of this values.
Set a vertical offset applied to the HMD and controllers; this allows for example to use the HMD while seated, but getting the same HMD altitude as using it in standing position.

 Examples : Oculus Home

Emulate Controller


In this configuration, you can emulate with the 3dRudder the sticks of the controllers of your headset.


  1. Enable the 3dRudder to trigger controller actions,
  2. Associate each 3dRudder axis to a specific controller action.


In the case that you use free locomotion or the emulation of the controllers, you have the following commands at your disposal:
  1. Save Settings’: save parameters values as current values; when the Dashboard is started, it uses the current values,
  2. 'Save new settings' : saves current values in a specified configuration file ,
  3. 'Load settings' : load a configuration file,
  4. 'Activate VR Unleashed mode' : activate the VR unleashed mode,
  5. 'Reset to default settings' : reset VR unleashed parameters to their factory values.

Warning : you must apply the button "Activate VR Unleashed mode", after loading a new setting

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