[Dashboard]: Settings Page

[Dashboard]: Settings Page

Settings Page


The following page allow you to set few parameters of the Dashboard.


This page features :
  1. the option to automatically search for the last updates,
  2. the option to disable the windows notification at startup,
  3. a selection of software languages:
- English
- Japanese
- Italian
- Spanish
- French
- Russian
- Chinese (beta)
  1. a selection of software UI themes:
- Green
- Dark gray
- Protanopie
- Deuteranopie
  1. the option to enable to restore the last mode (Joystick/mouse....) at startup
  2. Select the automatic default mode when you launched the dashboard
  3. the option to enable the freeze mode,
    1. a keyboard key to freeze and unfreeze the 3dRudder ('Space' by default)
  4. the option to enable the one-foot option:
    1. this option is available in the version of our Dashboard, and Firmware
    2. by default this option is not activated, it can be activated from our Dashboard. This option is not  available for XAC.
    3. the user has to place a single foot at the center of the 3dRudder and wait until hearing the calibration beeps without moving his foot

  1. a button to open the sound settings dialog,
  2. a button to launch a diagnostic of 3dRudder that will create a folder with a text file (.txt) and send this file to the support team at support@3drudder.com,
  3. a button to launch the liveviewer

Sound Settings

This feature is only available from the firmware V 1419 of the 3dRudder.
Please, visit the chapter concerning the Update of the 3dRudder (Update page).


  1. Silent Mode: disables the device's 'beep' during startup and calibration,
  2. Slider to change the beep's frequency (Hz),
  3. a button to test the frequency and reset to the default value,
  4. a button confirm to save the new frequency.


Here is an example of the green theme :


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