[Dashboard]: Mouse Page

[Dashboard]: Mouse Page

Mouse Page



Here, the 3dRudder device can be set and used as a mouse.


movement parameters:
  1. maximum mouse speed on X/Y axis (unit : pixels/sec),
  2. dead zone (unit : %),
  3. Progressiveness
mouse click parameters:
  1. dead zone (unit : %)
  2. double click limit (see 1, unit : ms)
  3. holding click limit (see 2 , unit : ms).
scroll parameters:
  1. dead zone (unit : %),
  2. maximum scroll speed (unit : number of scrolls/sec).

Notes :

The device use a time process to detect a single, double or holding click, as shown here.

Mouse 1

The firmware records the time T0, at which the axis value becomes greater than the dead zone level.
Then, the firmware measures the duration T, during which the axis value stays above this limit.
Finally the following rules are applied :

  1. if T < T1, a single click is triggered,
  2. if T1 < T < T1+T2, a double click is triggered,
  3. if T > T1+T2, a holding click is triggered; for this last case the click is triggered as soon as T becomes > T2, the firmware doesn't wait for the end of T.
Once the holding click is active, it can be canceled by a single click action.
The double and holding click apply to left button; for the right button only the single click is available.
For this reason, the right click has only one parameter: dead zone level.
Below, the behaviour of single, double, and holding clicks are detailed. As described in each case, the following “beeps”/"bips" are emitted which correspond to their appropriate actions. 

Mouse 2

Mouse 3

Mouse 4


  1. 'Reset to default settings': reset mouse parameters to their factory values,
  2. 'Save settings': save parameters values as current values; when the Dashboard is started, it uses the previously saved values if applicable; if not, the Dashboard will use the factory values,
  3. ‘Save settings as...’: save parameters values in a user file,
  4. ‘Load settings’: load parameters value from a given user file, and then activates these parameters,
  5. 'Apply parameters': activates the current parameters,
  6. 'Activate Mouse Mode': activates the mouse mode.

Video : 3dRudder hands free mouse foot controller

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