[Dashboard]: LiveViewer

[Dashboard]: LiveViewer


The “LiveViewer” is a software used to display the current state of the 3dRudder (when connected).
It can be useful for video editing and for debugging purposes.


Launch the LiveViewer

  1. Click right on the 3dRudder icon in the systray.


  1. Select "Display LiveViewer"



  1. F1”: Display the Help window where you can find every key binding used
Image 10

  1. F2”: Enable and disable the enhanced mode (shadow, up/down arrow, pressure disks)

Normal mode
Liveviewer 0

Enhanced mode
Liveviewer 1

  1. F3”: In enhanced mode, toggle between scale and transparency variation for the disks.
    1. Scale variation
Liveviewer 3
  1. Transparency variation
Liveviewer 4

  1. ”F4”:  In enhanced mode, display 4 disks (upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right).
Liveviewer 5

  1. F6”: In enhanced mode, display 6 disks representing every sensor on the 3dRudder.
Liveviewer 6

  1. F8”: Change the background color
Liveviewer 7

  1. F9”: Display the window title (Move, Resize, close window)
Liveviewer 8

  1. F10”: Change disks color.
Liveviewer 9

  1. F11”: Change the arrow color.

Liveviewer 10

LiveViewer and Video

You can use the LiveViewer for your videos.

For that,
  1. Change the background color (F8) of the LiveViewer

  1. Under OBS, for example, add a filter: Chroma Key

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