[Dashboard]: Keyboard Page

[Dashboard]: Keyboard Page

Keyboard Page



From this page, the 3dRudder device can be set and used as a keyboard.

Key selection

For each device half-axis, the user can define (click on the arrow icon or circle icon to select this):

1. Modes
  1. Hold down: the key is pressed all the time
  2. Repeat: the key is pressed and released with a fixed frequency (20 keys/second)
  3. Repeat Progressive: the key is pressed and released with a progressive frequency (maximum: 20 keys/second)

2. First Key:

  1. Click on the dark square and press the key desired.
  2. Choose the threshold with the slider (%), it corresponds to the minimum axis value to trigger the key.
  3. Select the modifier to add to the key as Control, Alt or Shift.

3. Second Key:


Configure the second key as you did the first, however, the trigger value of the second key must be greater than that of the first key.
Only one key will be triggered at a time. For example, using the parameters defined above, if the half-axis value...
  1. is less than 40%, then neither key is triggered
  2. is between 40%, then and 70% the first key is triggered.
  3. Is greater than 70%, then the second key is triggered.

Notes :

For technical reasons, the keys currently processed by the software, are in the range [A .. Z],
To remove a key associated with an axis, click on the axis arrow and then press the DEL key.
There is also a visual indicator (gauge) to visualize the value of the half-axis in percentage when each key is triggered.


Tutorial: set-up 2 keyboard keys per direction for your 3dRudder


  1. Save Settings’: save parameters values as current values; when the Dashboard is started, it uses the current values,
  2. 'Save new settings': saves current values in a specified configuration file (1),
  3. 'Load settings': load a configuration file (2), and activates the current parameters
  4. 'Activate keyboard mode': activate the keyboard mode,
  5. 'Reset to default settings': reset keyboard parameters to their factory values.

To save a new configuration, you will need to enter a file name in the following window :


Similarly, to load a configuration file, the software shows the list of configuration files and one must be selected.



World of Tanks


War Thunder

Control Video playback on the Twitch app

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