[Dashboard]: Joystick Page

[Dashboard]: Joystick Page

Joystick Page



From this page the user can select if the device will be used as a standard joystick or a HOTAS (Hand on Throttle And Stick).
To do this, select the Joystick or HOTAS option, and press the 'Joystick/HOTAS mode activated' button.


  1. 'Reset to default settings': resets Joystick/HOTAS parameters to their factory values,
  2. 'Save settings': saves parameter values as current values; when the Dashboard is started, it will use the previously saved values if applicable; if not, the Dashboard will use the factory values,
  3. ‘Save settings as...’: saves parameters values in a user file,
  4. ‘Load settings’: loads parameter values from a given user file and then activates these parameters,
  5. 'Apply parameters': activates the current set of parameters,
  6. 'Activate Joystick/HOTAS Mode': activates the mouse mode.


You can use arrows Keyboard to change value on slider by clicking on the slider before sliding your mouse. 


Axis activated

This page displays an arrow for each device half-axis : forward, backward, left, right etc.
When this mode is activated, each analog gauge is displayed with a color showing the magnitude of axis activation.
Below is an example of this:


Adjust – Joystick Mode


With the Dashboard, you can adjust for each axis :
  1. Deadzone (unit %),
  2. Sensitivity (1 to 5) ,
  3. Acceleration. (Exp.)
Sensitivity : Determines how easy it is to reach the maximum speed of the character's movement with a minimum angle of 3dRudder.
Modify and Selected the button "Apply Parameters".

Linear Curves:

To setup a linear curve, set the following values at :
  1. Dead zone : 0
  2. Sensitivity : 1
  3. Exp : Unchecked
Here is the shape of the  Linear curve.


Example : Google Earth

Adjust – HOTAS Mode


In the following panel, you can adjust the joystick mode.

Make your modifications and select the button "Apply Parameters".

 Example : Star Citizen

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