[Dashboard]: Game Page

[Dashboard]: Game Page

Game Page


This page includes several ready to use configurations for both VR and flat games.

Configuration types available:
  1. Monitor, for monitor games
  2. VR, for VR games. Configuration files are available for the following hardware:
    1. HTC Vive,
    2. Windows Mixed Reality,
    3. Oculus Rift, Quest
    4. PiMax 5k.
These configuration files may use different 3dRudder modes (joystick, keyboard, mouse) depending on the game being played. 

Configuration file information

When a game corresponding to the selected configuration is a VR game, the below icon is displayed :


Similarly, the device mode and device mapping for the selected game are also displayed :

You must click the 'Calibration' button when using a VR unleashed file. Do not forget to put on and calibrate your headset first.
The “My Settings” option allows you to select your own settings.

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