[Dashboard]: About Page

[Dashboard]: About Page

About Page


To access the about page, click on the 3dRudder logo. 



This page features:
  1. a 'Visit 3drudder.com' button or the 3dRudder logo, to access the 3dRudder website,
  2. a 'Visit 3drudderbusiness.com' button to access the 3dRudder business website,
  3. a 'Check FAQ' button to access the 3dRudder FAQ,
  4. buttons to access the 3dRudder accounts on the following social media platforms:
- FaceBook 
- Youtube
- Linkedin
- Twitter
- Reddit
- Discord
  1. a display of the current Dashboard software version, and 3dRudder ID if one is connected (1). Click to copy the version to clipboard,
  2. a display of the current IP of local Bridge (usefull to connect with the Oculus Quest),
  3. a display of the current HMD connected (HTC, Oculus Rift/Quest, PiMax, WMR),
  4. a display of the OpenSSL licence,
  5. a display of the Release Notes (Dashboard software modifications)
  6. a display of the “About Qt”.
  7. a diplay of contributors.

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